Expert membership discounts

Team discounts

Larger businesses with multiple team members get substantial discounts for team membership access with our Business-level Expert Membership - this also offers access to exclusive resources to support Digital Transformation in larger businesses.

Do you offer Student Discount?

To support students who have to pay the fees involved with studying marketing or digital marketing, we offer a discount on Expert membership for your first year of annual membership.

This is available if you're a  full-time or part-time student or work for a not-for-profit organization.

Many of our Expert members are students studying digital marketing at university or college or professionals who are taking postgraduate professional digital marketing qualifications for the CIM, IDM or Google Squared. Our resources such as the latest digital statistics compilations, example digital plans and guides to structuring digital plans give them an edge in assignments.

Here's a recent comment from a student showing how Expert membership helped them get an edge in their studies:

"As an MBA student who is new to digital marketing, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding resources and information provided on your website and Dave Chaffey's textbook. I joined as an expert member early on in my digital marketing subject and your site has since been my first point of call. With your help, I have topped the class in every assessment and this morning I received my final grade of 89. I doubt I would have achieved these results without your help.

A big thank you :-)"

Do you offer a charity discount?

We offer a discount on Expert membership for your first year of membership to support you if you work for a not-for-profit organisation.

We also offer specific resources for charities and not-for-profits since we have many members who are charities. For example:

Of course our most popular guides and templates for developing strategy, content marketing or email marketing are designed to be useful across sector, so also apply to charities too.

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