Finding resource downloads

I can’t find the download I'm looking for

The best page to find a resource is our 'Digital Library' page:

If you're a Basic member and only want to see the free resources available, then click the 'Basic' option on the right to filter to these resources

Browsing resources in a toolkit

If you don’t know exactly what  you are  looking for but, need advice on a given subject, then we recommend you browse the toolkits in 'Members home' when signed in.

I can't see the download button for the resource

On resource pages you access from the library page, you have to be signed in to download resources using the green "Download" button at the bottom of the resource page. If you don't see this it could be due a caching problem of the page with your browser. It's very rare, but if you do experience this, the solution is is to use a "hard refresh" when you're on the document page.

How to do a hard-refresh for your browser

Here you force your browser to bypass the cache on your computer and re-download everything for the web page you are viewing from the server. This will typically ensure that you’re viewing the most recent version of your page. 

In Windows the shortcut for this is “Ctrl + F5” and on a Mac the shortcut is “Cmd + Shift + R.”

If the hard refresh doesn’t work, other alternatives are to delete the entire browser cache / history or to sign-in using a different browser.

Reviewing all resource downloads

You can review the resources you have downloaded via your member dropdown menu on the right side of the membership area when signed in.

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