Smart Insights Audience and Member Statistics

Website Statistics

At Smart Insights, we attract over 950,000+ monthly page views, from an audience of over 130,000 Active Members and first time visitors.

Blog Statistics

We post a minimum of 3 articles a day with an average of 150 shares from social media.

Email Statistics

Our Enewsletters are distributed to 100,000+ active users, either daily, weekly or monthly depending on their preferences.


We write to help all marketers and business owners who are looking to improve their use of digital marketing. Since we focus on strategy and planning, many or our readers have 'manager' or 'Head-of' in the title, e.g. Marketing manager, Digital Marketing manager, Ecommerce directors.

Our readers are based around the world, with a focus on Europe and the UK, where we're based. We also have a large audience in other English-speaking countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


The Smart Insights Marketplace is growing fast, with over 130+ companies signed up on either an Enhanced or Basic Listing. It gives a great opportunity for selected agencies, consultant or marketing technology vendors.

You will get visibility from people looking for your services in our marketplace since it is integrated throughout our site giving contextual listings of services. So, if a member is reading about Email marketing or Marketing Automation, they will be recommended tools and services in this area. Within the marketplace there are options to search by location too and vertical sector too, so you will feature more highly as searchers drill-down to look for services. 

Suppliers with full profile listings benefit from being ranked at the top of the listing, more detailed profiles in multiple categories and a link through to services pages on their site.

Social Media Statistics

At Smart Insights, we have a collective following of 88,000+ followers across all Social Channels.


21,000 members either following SmartInsights or part of the Digital Marketing Optimization Group


50,000+ likes on  Facebook


18,000 followers on  Twitter

Google Plus: 

1,600 followers on  GooglePlus


1,500 followers on  Pinterest

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