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We're one of the largest blogs anywhere which shares  ideas for improving digital marketing with a focus on overall digital strategy, transformation and best practices focusing on the key channels like search, social and email marketing. Across more general marketing and digital marketing blogs, we were rated the 2nd largest in the UKby HubSpot's Inbound rank.

To share ideas we post three blog posts every working day, with an average of 150 shares from social media.

Our audience

We write to help all marketers and business owners who are looking to improve their use of digital marketing. Since we focus on strategy and planning, many or our readers have 'manager' or 'Head of' in the title, e.g. Marketing manager, Digital Marketing manager, eCommerce directors.

Our readers are based around the world, with a focus on Europe and the UK, where we're based. We also have a large audience in other English-speaking countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our website gets 750,000 page views and 350,000 unique users per month. So being on our blog represents a great opportunity to promote yourself or your company as thought leaders. Blogs are shared with our social community of over 86,000 people and are included in our email newsletter, which goes to our 150,000 members.

Writing for us

While the Smart Insights team writes most of our articles, you may have seen some posts by ‘Expert Commentators’. These are people with an expertise in a particular field that can offer exceptional insights on the topic they are writing on. 

If you think you possess an expertise in a given area of digital marketing, then feel free to get in touch. However, we offer no guarantee that we will publish your content and have strong editorial guidelines we will provide you with to help you develop a quality post.

Because of our reach we get a large number of requests to publish content with us, and cannot offer everyone the opportunity. We select only the very best post to be published, so don’t be offended if we cannot publish your piece!

We look to only publish high quality, actionable and unique digital marketing advice. If you have content that is not relevant to digital marketing or does not offer unique insights, then please do not get in touch.  

If you have experiences to share, particularly around digital strategy and planning, do contact us!

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