Expert membership options

Q. What is the difference between Annual and monthly Expert plans?

It's all in the name. With an annual  plan  you pay for a full year and can access our full library of advice throughout the year. With a Monthly  plan  you only pay one month at a time for limited access to resources.

The  Annual Expert plan is the best value since as well as 'all you can eat' access there is also a discount making it cheaper per month.

The  Monthly Expert plan is paid for each month, but there is a restriction to a maximum of 5 downloads per month. If you don't use the 5 downloads each month we will 'rollover' unused download credits to the next month up to a maximum of 50 credits across the year. So  if,  for example, you only use 3 of your 5 downloads in July, you will be able to rollover a credit of 2 downloads into August, giving you up to 7 downloads in August and so on.

In common with other subscription services and as explained on the payment form, both plans are recurring subscriptions, so you will be billed automatically at the end of each period. You can cancel your subscription  any time  from the member area and can use the continue to download resources until your subscription ends.

Business Expert membership - How do I get access for different team members in our company?

Contact us about discounted rates for team membership which gives personal access for each person on a team to access resources and check off different units of the courses and resources they use.

Business membership also gives these exclusive benefits:

  • Business payment options - pay online by credit or debit card, invoice or by installments
  • Business Toolkit: Online Marketing Planning resources
  • Business Toolkit: Managing Digital Transformation resources
  • Business Toolkit: Managing Digital Marketing Teams resources 
  • Business Toolkit: Branding for Businesses resources
  • Business members with multiple team members benefit from an initial Skype mentoring session to help them apply the resources to their marketing strategy.

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